Thursday, February 18, 2010

Contribute to Drupal

Contributing to Drupal could be fun! It amazing the way Drupalers collaborate online to as much as have Drupal, Drupal's contib modules, and now the Drupal redesign. The power of Drupal, to promote Drupal!

Working in the community and all of your sudden your horizon seems extended, you are connected with people you have never met before. You are working together as though you knew each other for so long.

Being with people brings you joy. It's amazing to discover the joy of being with them online! I am thoroughly enjoying collaborating online for Drupal.

The different channels you can collaborate on:
IRC: Drupal in IRC and Firefox addon for IRC, Discussions online, Groups, Google groups.

Join and contribute, Check out: Drupal Redesign Implementers page

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