Monday, February 23, 2009

Checklist for any drupal site LIST 1

While creating the website:

1. List modules used
2. Do not write code in block or page, use custom module
3. Always create code for no script when using java script
4. Use Devel to understand the queries in the website a must especially for home page
5. Check Y slow performance parameters
6. Use captcha
7. SEO

a) Seo site map validate urls (make them meaningful :))
b) Add Google Analytics, to enable tracking
c) meta tag module, to add meaningful meta information
d) xml site map
e) h1 tag
f) introduce image naming convention

Pre Launch:

8. Enable HTML caching for anonymous users
9. Load test the website
10. Check error log in staging

Before Launch:

11. Install PHP accelerator
12. Configure Auto log out and session time
13. Run cron for archives
14. Schedule cron
15. Configure error log not more than a week
16. Schedule back up of database, particularly the log table
17. Admin password protect


  1. Thanks for your tips.

    I would like to know whether php accelerator works on a shared hosting server.


  2. Thanx for ur tips...

    was very useful for a newbie like me..


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