Friday, March 4, 2011

Attending DrupalCon Chicago!

I have been working on Drupal projects for over 4 years now. Some high performance sites, some Durpal Applications and some others Content sites. I could talk about my Drupal experience professionally, about the features we implemented, the theming we did, the modules we developed, the performance tuning, etc. But now when I sit back now on my Flight to Newark and think about it, the most exciting part has been the Drupal Community!

When I retrospect about what I have been doing and why? What is it that has made me stick on to Drupal, work with Drupal and here fly across the world for a Drupal conference? The Answers are far beyond the challenges that I faced on a day to day basis or the bugs that I fixed in my projects or the technology I learnt. It is MUCH more than all this. It is my sense of belonging, being a part of this big community, sharing the success and the joys. The Feeling of Oneness!

In this respect I think the Drupal Community has made my experience in the last few years richer and just being a part of this one big community has given more joy.

I'm attending DrupalCon Chicago, March 7-10, 2011I do not write modules, but I love participating in the Drupal Forums. I am very active in the Forums, most of the timesJ. Over the last year I was involved in QA of the Drupal redesign and early this year in bringing us all together for the Drupal 7 celebrations. I have also been very active in bringing together the Chennai Drupal Community.

The Chennai Drupal Community has been an exciting experience. Here our interactions have gone beyond the internet. We have regular face to face meetings with each other and share our experiences and knowledge in Drupal. The energy we share is humongous. I have also got a chance to present at many big conferences in India and to conduct Drupal Introductory training programs at Colleges.

Today, I am looking forward to meeting many fellow Drupaler across the world, who I have actively followed and some of whom I have interacted with! I am excited I will be meeting them face to face… Looking forward to meeting the Drupal Community.

We must have one DrupalCon in India every year, so all my colleagues, other Drupalers in India can share this experience…  


  1. Congrats Mam. Please share your experience after the meeting...

  2. Great to know that you are attending Drupalcon. Hope you will share your views/learnings during and after the event.
    Bon Voyage and all the best

  3. heartiest congratulations...worthy role model for drupal guys....


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