Sunday, July 27, 2008

A 10 minute Drupal Demo for a small business website

A real neat demo! I Love Drupal!!

Watch the video and understand -> menus, themes, blocks, views, modules, ubercart store

Video created by Acquia
"Acquia provides commercially supported Drupal distributions, technical support, and value-added network services for Drupal. However, the Drupal project,, and the Drupal Association pre-date and function independently from Acquia. Acquia functions as a member of the community to advance the Drupal technology and promote Drupal adoption. We’re one drop in the Drupal ocean."


  1. The link you have to Acquia is missing the "c" so it goes to the wrong page...

    Just an FYI.


  2. Keep the Both thumbs Up for the Helpful Video!
    WordPress Themes

  3. i never thought building website was that easy...


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