Saturday, July 19, 2008

A very successful Chennai Drupal Meet II

The Second Chennai Drupal Meet was a great success. We had Kamalakannan and Antony explain Drupal 6 and Views in Drupal.

The power of open source was such, that we all felt like one while sharing our ideas and experiences in working with Drupal.

Vijay was a big contributor, maintains a large portal The site was designed and developed by Lullabot and Vijay is the team lead in Chennai maintaining the site. The insights he shared based on his Drupal experiences were great. Checkout the writeup on mylifetime at the Lullabot site.

Vinodh's enthusiasm for Drupal deserves a special mention! He has introduced Naresh to our Chennai Drupal Group. Naresh is only a fews days in to Drupal but participated actively. He recorded the entire session.

Frédéric is French. He recently met up with Netlink Technologies and was very interested in being a part of the Chennai Drupal Community.

Jovemac has been involved in creating quiet a few Drupal sites. He has been a key person to support and provide encouragement to have a Chennai Drupal meet!

We also had with us Ranjith, Gomathy and Shiva. We were in all 11 of us. Was indeed a great meeting. Thanks everybody for coming to the meeting and making it a great success! Cheers to the Chennai Drupal Community!

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