Friday, December 17, 2010

DrupalCon Session: Maintaining the codebase and updates of a Drupal Website

Drupal stores most of the configurations and settings in the database. Deploying and Managing a Drupal website requires both code updates as well as interface updates. Changing permissions, adding fields to your content types, modify an existing view, installing and configuring a new module are some of the typical interface updates that needs to be moved from the Development Server to the Test servers and then further in the Live servers. In this session I would like to present solutions that would facilitate the update process to be people independent and totally maintained under version control.

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Questions answered by this session would include:

How to have a Drupal update process that is people independent and totally maintained under version control? 
Question 2: 
How to use Drush to improve the Update Deployment Process for a Drupal website? 
What are Features and Strongram modules? 
How to use update.php to trigger database script updates? What are the cache flush routines that need to be called after the database updates? 
What are status of Drush, Features modules in Drupal 7?

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