Saturday, September 27, 2008

Active Threads at Drupal Redesign

Searching for Modules and Themes with certain characteristics - Imagine having all the Drupal modules tagged and we can just go to a module page, have all the related modules, tags listed!! This thread is a discussion on grouping modules and theams!!

Replace Drupal Planet and Drupal Talk with Drigg --- Didn't know about Drigg until I started following this thread! Drigg is Drupal and DIGG together!

For some one who loves Organic Groups, projects as Organic Groups !

OG is definitely a great idea. All subscribers should get mails and notification on any updates in the issue queue, bug report or support report if subscribed too.

We should have a tab to describe the architecture of the module, the scope for future hooks or growth, this could be a wiki and we can have discussion forums around it. Group for every module saying Redesign plan for the module_name will definitely be of great use for developers to colloobrate and expand the modules. Forums must be used only to collaborate new ideas or working on a new feature, like this group? We should not under value the effectiveness of the issue queue and support request.
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Another interesting thread, My vision for's project pages by

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