Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Szeged 2008 Drupalcon Part I

For those who where not at the Drupalcon, I have tried to list out some of the great sessions and useful resources related to search and Drupal database. For full details visit:

I Solr and Drupal
A presentation by Alexandru Badiu ,

Solr is an enterprise search server based on Lucene. The presentation covers Why use Solr, the different concepts in Solr, searching in Solr, facets, geographical searching and request handlers.


A presentation by Robert Douglass


How to get involved visit the search group at

II Mysql Backup and security

A presentation by Lenz Grimmer, Sun Microsystems

III High Availability solutions for Mysql

A presentation by Lenz Grimmer, Sun Microsystems
Improved user experience is the need of the day! Watch Lenz address it at the DrupalCon


IV Drupal Databases: The Next Generation

This session takes us in to PDO (PHP Data Objects), Multiple database types at once, Improved database portability, Easier driver implementation, Database-specific optimizations, Transactions.


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