Saturday, September 13, 2008

Drupal Redesign the Drupal way!

I am a BIG Fan of Drupal, not just the application, but the concept, the community, and how Drupal drives the community. Isn't all this brilliant? How can one have a Web 2.0 without experiencing it. I think this is clearly the advantage that Drupal has given me, far superior than the brilliant architecture and the wonderful piece of code. I feel extremely Proud in being a tiny part of this community. Being a part of a business organization gives me very little time, but in this little time I try and participate in the community in every possible way. I share my learnings, participate in the forums and IRC chat, create awareness and build a community of fellow drupalers in my home town, Chennai. The different avenues that Drupal uses to share with the community has helped me keep abreast and given me a feeling of belonging in the community.

Checkout and be a part of " redesign officially underway". Join the redesign plan for the Drupal Association. Follow them on twitter at Be a part of the exciting happening in Drupal redesign.

Drupalcon Redesign Keynote
From: markboultondesign, 5 days ago
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  1. Hi Shamala,

    I am a non techie based in Mumbai and run two Drupal sites and Yes I am passionate about Drupal and hope to get other educational institutions to use Drupal.

    In India, I am unable to find reasonable priced and reliable Drupal hosting. how do U manage hosting. Ultimately if the use of Drupal has to grow in India we need to have good hosting in India itself.

  2. ttp:// - really neat site! I am unable to view http://stanislausbandra.

    I agree we need to have reasonably priced hosting for Drupal in India! In our organization we take care of hosting our own sites and sites we develop for our clients.

  3. Hi Shyamraj,
    I am enthused to see the discussions on Drupal. I am a SOA guy, but would like to do some R & D on Drupal on my own interest. I wish you can guide me.

    Belated Happy returns to to your kid.


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